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Chris Raab
Chris Raab
Birth name Christian Joseph Raab
Born May 21, 1980
Birthplace Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Nationality American
Aliases Raab Himself
Jackass Career
Film Supporting cast
Viva la Bam Career
Roles Cast
CKY Career
Roles Cast
Christian Joseph Raab, (born May 21, 1980), better known by his stage name Raab Himself,[1] is an American television personality, known as a former member of the CKY Crew featured in the MTV series Viva La Bam and Jackass.

Raab has not appeared in a CKY-related production since Viva La Bam [citation needed], since he has focused on other film projects. Raab has appeared in a few movies, such as Hotdog Casserole (2008).


CKY (1999) - Himself

CKY2K (2000) - Himself

CKY 3 (2001) - Himself

CKY 4 (2002) - Himself

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