Daddy and Baby
Daddy baby 1
Dave spends quality time with his baby
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Dave England
Related stunts Daddy and Baby 2, Daddy and Baby 3
Video releases Jackass Volume 1

Daddy and Baby is a series of skits, involving Johnny Knoxville and Dave England posing as doting fathers who get into horrific accidents with their babies. Members of the public often react with shock and horror, unaware that the babies are actually dolls.


Dave gets into a hilariously nerdy pink/green shellsuit, straps his baby into a bike seat and sets off for a ride on a bicycle around town. He constantly crashes into kerbs and does somersaults, often crushing the baby under the bike or his own bodyweight. Shocked pedestrians rush to help the baby, but Dave gets up, feigning injury and nervousness, and bikes off as fast as he can.[1]


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the intro for the episodes of Jackass season 1.
  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the menu for Jackass Volume 1.


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