Daddy and Baby 2
Daddy baby 2
Knoxville "forgets" about his baby
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 3
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Michelle Klepper
Related stunts Daddy and Baby, Daddy and Baby 3
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Your baby's on the car!


Similar to the first Daddy and Baby stunt, Daddy and Baby 2 involved Johnny Knoxville being an irresponsible parent to film the public's reactions.


Johnny is shopping with his road wife Michelle Klepper and their newborn baby. He keeps placing the baby, strapped into its chair, on the roof of the family SUV while he does something else. Johnny keeps conveniently forgetting about the baby and driving off down the road with the baby still on the roof. Shoppers and pedestrians run after Johnny shouting at him to stop the car, but he just drives away laughing. In the second attempt, Johnny is forced to stop by traffic. He gets out of the SUV and takes the baby down amidst a crowd of horrified pedestrians, and bursts into hysterical tears at how careless he has been. As he drives off, the crying turns into hysterical laughter.

The final stunt takes place in a shopping centre car park and elicits by far the most reaction. Johnny does a full circle of the car park, and has a wave of shoppers chasing him and trying to stop him.[1]

Behind the ScenesEdit


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