Daddy and Baby 3
Daddy baby 3
Knoxville with his "baby"
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 5
Featuring Johnny Knoxville
Location Orlando, Florida
Related stunts Daddy and Baby, Daddy and Baby 2
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Daddy and baby are gonna go on a nice leisurely stroll

–Johnny Knoxville

Daddy and Baby 3 is the last in a series of stunts, that gauges public reactions to poor fathering.


This is more similar to the first skit. Johnny is dressed in really bad, nerdy clothes, and decides to take his baby for a walk in its pram. He gets too carried away and takes the baby for a run, but crashes and falls on top of the pram, crushing the baby. The baby doll makes fake crying noises, adding to the realism.[1]


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