Egg Nog Challenge
Egg Nog Challenge
The contestants begin.
Jackass Stunt
Season Jackass Season 1
Episode Episode 8
Featuring Preston Lacy, Chris Nieratko, Becky Bell
Related stunts 50-Egg Challenge
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Remember, don't pace yourself!


Egg Nog Challenge is a continuation of the 50-Egg Challenge skit, substituting eggs for shots of egg nog.[1]


It's Christmas time, and Santa Claus (Johnny Knoxville) is contributing to the festivities by holding an Egg Nog Challenge, where the contestants have one hour to drink 50 shots of egg nog. Johnny adds samples of nutmeg and his own saliva to the mix before pouring it out for the three contestants - Murray the moderately sober Elf (Chris Nieratko), the sexually-marginalized Snowman (Preston Lacy) and Santa's third wife Mrs Claus (Becky Bell).

Like in the 50-Egg Challenge, Chris is the first one to throw up, only 5 minutes in, after 13 shots of egg nog. Regardless, he carries on gulping down the shots. Preston goes at a very slow pace and looks angry and pissed off throughout the entire skit. His rage levels increase when Chris vomits all over Preston's side, just like he did in the previous skit.

Chris continues to violently throw up after almost every shot he drinks, but continues drinking like a soldier. Preston also starts vomiting after 16 shots. Chris reaches 44 shots and projectile vomits all over the floor. Preston passes out after 31 shots, during which time Chris reaches 50 shots and wins the game. He immediately vomits into Preston's top hat and places it on Preston's head, to the amusement of everyone else.

Unexpectedly, Preston rips his hat off and goes completely fucking loco, throwing the table across the room, smashing up tables and chairs and destroying the Christmas decorations in a blind, petulant rage. This doesn't stop Johnny from declaring Murray the Elf the winner of the contest.[1]



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