Elephant Poo Dive
Elephant poo dive
Steve-O as he lands
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 3
Featuring Steve-O, Bunny The Lifeguard
Location Boca Raton, Florida
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
I'm Steve-O and I'm about to jump into some poo.


Elephant Poo Dive features Steve-O diving off a ladder into a giant pile of elephant feces.


After collecting 9 days of elephant waste from his circus, Steve-O empties it all into an inflatbale paddling pool. Under the supervision of Bunny the Lifeguard, he then jumps into the excrement numerous times.

After several jumps at different heights and angles, he begins wrestling with Chris Pontius. The two end smothered in waste and resort to taking a shower together.[1]


Outtakes show Chris Pontius messing up his words as he tries to introduce the skit.


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the "commentary" sub-menu on Jackass Volume 1.
  • Outtakes from this skit wer used in the credits for Jackass 3D


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