Fat Fuck
Fat Fuck
Brandon going down the stairs.
Jackass/CKY Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Bam Margera, Brandon DiCamillo
Related stunts Sweaty Fat Fucks, Fat Fuck 2
Video releases Jackass Volume 1, CKY2K
Song Fat Boys - Fat Boys


Brandon and Bam (both padded with bubble wrap and pillows to look fat) go to a drive-through, Bam is sitting in a wheelchair and Brandon pushes him. When they arive at the drive-through window, they are told to leave. Brandon pushes the wheelchair downhill and lets go, causing Bam to crash into a tree. After this, Brandon sits in the wheelchair and Bam pushes him down some stairs. Brandon screams for people to help him back up, but noone responds. Next, the following things happen: Brandon pushes Bam's wheelchair. Bam falls down the stairs whilst holding a suitcase.

Bam skates down the street towards a ramp but falls before he reaches it, on his second attempt, he makes it and goes about half a metre into the air before screwing up the landing and slamming into the floor. He then attemts a kickflip over some stairs but fails horribly at landing it. The next bit takes place in an indoor skatepark. Bam succesfully grinds a rail once and tries to do a nosegrind, this works but once more he fails to land it. Bam gets really frustrated and decides to let off some steam by throwing his skateboard at the rail. They're not done skating for Bam can be seen 50-50'ing a rail only to slip and fall onto the rail. However, Bam does not give up and tries to cimb onto the rail again but can't keep his feet on the rail and falls on the rail in a rather painful position.

Bam gave up on skateboarding and decides to climb a tree instead and jumps down, spreading his legs and hitting a branch with his testicles. Going back to skateboarding: DiCo is going down a road on a skateboard (lying with his abdomen on the skateboard) and suddenly Bam jumps on him. Finally, Bam rides his skateboard towards a bush but falls to the ground after another failed kickflip, on his second attempt he trips over a kerb wich causes him to faceplant into the bush.


  • Part of this skit was filmed when Bam's hair was painted blonde.
  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the intro for the episodes of Jackass Season 1.
  • Excerpts from this skit were used in the music video for "If you're gonna be dumb...".
  • Brandon DiCamillo came up with the idea for this skit.