Full Pipe Skating
Full Pipe Skating
Dave ready to go down the hill
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 3
Episode Episode 2
Featuring Dave England
Video releases Jackass Volume 3
Song TV: Fuzz Townshend - Smash It
DVD: Smut Peddlers - Playstation Generation

Full Pipe Skating features Dave England skateboarding inside a full pipe, as opposed to the traditional half-pipe.[1]


The pipe, which is about 4' high and 6' long, is situated on top of a hill at a golf course. Dave climbs inside the pipe and stands on a skateboard inside. The pipe is then rolled down the hill. Dave manages to stay standing on the skateboard for about three seconds before falling off. His body rolls around inside the pipe for another four seconds before falling out of the pipe and onto the ground.

On the second and third attempts, Dave lasts a bit longer at around 7 seconds before immediately being ejected from the pipe and landing on his chest. Golf players and bystanders look on in confusion and annoyance.[1]


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