Golf Course Airhorn
Golf Course Airhorn 2
Knoxville sounding the horn
Movie Jackass: The Movie
Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Ehren Mcghehey
Location Orlando, Florida
Filmed april 2nd 2002
Video releases Jackass: The Movie (special collectors edition)


The Golf Course Airhorn was a stunt in the film Jackass: The Movie which starred Johnny Knoxville, Ehren McGhehey and Dave England. The men wear camouflaged uniforms to fit in with the surrounding trees and using two bright blue airhorns, attempt to distract the much older golfers in to messing up their shots by blowing the horn just before they swing their clubs.[1]


  • A total of four people were targeted in this video.
  • This has proved to be one of the most popular stunts on Youtube with over 1,000,000 combined views. This could be due to the funny reaction of two men towards the end of the video, one who proceeds to throw his golf club towards the crew and tell them off, and another who starts whacking golf balls towards the crew after they ignore their warning.
  • This is the 34th stunt on the DVD.


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