Heavy Metal Wake-up
Heavy metal wake up
Bam riffing into Jessie's ear
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 4
Featuring Bam Margera, Jess Margera
Related stunts Heavy Metal Alarm Clock, Plunger Wakeup
Video releases Jackass Volume 1, CKY2K
Song Razorblade Kiss - HIM
Sorry dude, I got a bit too carried away on the guitar solo!

–Bam Margera

In Heavy Metal Wake-Up, Bam Margera wakes up a sleeping Jess Margera by rocking out on an electric guitar next to his head.


A massive amplifier is set up inches away from Jess's face as he sleeps. Bam climbs on the bed and begins to play "Razorblade Kiss" by HIM on the guitar at a ridiculous volume, with the guitar held right near Jess's head. When Jess remains asleep despite the noise, Bam goes into a crazed guitar solo where he punches Jess with each strum, punching him hard in the face and head at least twenty times before finally stopping.

Later in the day, Bam goes up to Jess and apologizes. Jess shows bruising and cuts on his face from Bam's hysterical punching.[1]



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