Ice Barrel Jumping
Ice Barrel Jumping
Dave about to jump over some barrels
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 3
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Ryan Dunn, Dave Carnie
Video releases Jackass Volume 3
Song Girls Own Juice - Andrew W.K

Ice Barrel Jumping features Ryan Dunn and Dave Carnie, jumping over barrels while ice skating.


Before the actual skit, Bam Margera demonstrates his new contraption, a skateboard with ice skates attached instead of wheels. The iceboard works a treat and Bam successfully jumps over a barrel on it.

Ryan and Dave, decked out in skating jumpsuits, then start skating and barrel jumping. Dave is a seasoned professional and can jump over barrels with ease. However, Ryan struggles and barely manages to keep his balance after jumping over just one barrel. He picks up some more speed and successfully clears two barrels.

Dave then comes round and glides straight over three barrels. Ryan attempts it but his feet catch on the first barrel, causing him to trip and fall over the barrels. The crew then set up five barrels. Ryan clears the first three but crashes into the remaining two barrels, hurting his groin in the process. Dave meanwhile, clears the five barrels with ease, and appears to be showing off at this point.

Six barrels are then set up. Ryan completely fucks this one up and pathetically falls over after the first barrel, flattening the other barrels. Once again, Dave jumps over all six with no problem whatsoever. He is still showing off, and skids some ice into one of the camera lenses.

However, as Dave is circling the ice rink to gain speed for the next challenge (seven barrels), Bam quickly runs over and places an eighth barrel at the end, causing Dave to catch his feet on the first barrel and crash into the last one, completely flattening it. A bewildered Dave slides across the ice rink on the barrel and hits the edge of the rink. Everyone claps and cheers and starts laughing.

Dave then skates up to Ryan and trips him over, causing him to faceplant the ice. Ryan gets up and tries to throw a barrel at Dave, but lifts it too high and falls backwards onto his ass. Dave is too fast for him - he picks up a barrel and smashes it over Ryan's back. Dave appears to be rather pissed off at this point and continues hurling barrels at Ryan, who quickly hobbles off and dives over the wall to hide behind the rink. However, Bam picks up a barrel and throws it at Ryan's head.[1]


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the intro for Jackass Volume 3.
  • An excerpt from this skit was used in "A Tribute to Ryan Dunn".


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