Idiot Launch
Idiot launch
Steve-O airborne
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 3
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville
Location Phoenix, AZ
Video releases Jackass Volume 1


The Idiot Launch features Steve-O being catapulted off a giant see-saw by the weight of three people.

The giant see-saw is made of wood and situated on the beach, where it is halfway submerged in the water. Steve-O stands on the water end, while Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and Ryan Dunn jump off a van simultaneously, landing on the other end. Steve-O is successfully catapulted six feet into the air, where he somersaults into the sea. However, all three of the counterweights collapse in severe pain upon hitting the see-saw, preventing any immediate laughter. Johnny is shown limping away after getting up.

After getting out of the water, one of the cameramen zooms up to Steve-O, who sneezes seawater all over the lens in a direct hit. Steve-O laughs like a tard while the cameraman runs around looking for paper towels, but instead wipes Steve-O's snot off with someone's T-shirt.[1]


  • Excerpts from this skit were used in the menu for Jackass Volume 1.

Behind The ScenesEdit


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