Jackass: The Movie Soundtrack
Jackass soundtrack cover
Various Artists
Released October 2001
Label Interscope
Jackass: The Movie Soundtrack is a compilation album, for the Jackass: The Movie, released by Interscope in 2001.


The album made it to #173 on the Billboard 200 and #11 on the Billboard's Top Soundtracks chart. Two songs on the album, "Let's Get Fucked Up" (which contains profanities) and "Baby Got Back" (which contains sexual references), gave it a parental advisory warning. The rest of songs contain no explicit content.

A clean version of the album, was also made which removes the profanities in "Let's Get Fucked Up". They censor it by blanking and using the sound of a record scratching.

The album is sometimes referred to as Jackass: The Music, Vol. 1, though other jackass albums were not named Vol. 2 or 3.

At the end of track 14 is a hidden song, the Party Boy theme.

Track listingEdit

# Title Featured Artist Time
1 Hi, My Name Is Johnny Knoxville Johnny Knoxville 0:04
2 Corona Minutemen 2:24
3 We Want Fun Andrew W.K. 3:57
4 Flesh into Gear CKY 3:06
5 Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Rezillos 1:56
6 California Sun Ramones 1:58
7 Alright Alright (Here's My Fist Where's The Fight?) Sahara Hotnights 2:07
8 Let's Get Fucked Up Smut Peddlers 2:15
9 Hybrid Moments Misfits 1:42
10 Cha Cha Twist Detroit Cobras 2:30
11 Angel of Death Slayer 4:51
12 Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot 4:22
13 "How Did That Get There?" Ryan Dunn 0:05
14 If You're Gonna Be Dumb (contains hidden track "Party Boy Theme") Roger Alan Wade 7:15

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