Jackass The Movie: Number Two
Jackass number two uncut low res
The sleeve from the DVD.
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Jackass Number Two





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Dolby Digital

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90 Minutes

Age rating 18rating
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Making of, Deleted scenes, Extended segments


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Ratings 5rate

This is one of the many DVD editions of of Jackass Number Two. It has hours of bonus footage and a commentary with the entire main cast except Bam, who couldn't make the recording.

In a sequel the new york times calls ‘the most fearless, liberated, and cathartic comedy in modern nenias,” johnny knoxville, bam margera, steve-o, chris pontius, wen man, ryan dunn, preston lacy, dave england, and ehren mcghehey stumble back onto the big screen with another ridiculous round of stunts, pranks, mischief, and scantily clad antics in jackass number two.

Prepare yourself for fits of uncontrollable laughter and waves at nausea as the guys launch their battered bodies into an onslaught of absurd situations. Whether it’s pontius laying his manhood on the line for a puppet show, bam taking one for the team as he faces off butt-first against a hot branding iron, or knoxville’s undercover and over-the-top pranks as a 90-year-old man, these guys know what it takes to lower the bar and up the anti in their quest tar nonsensical fun.

Loaded with outtakes, deleted scenes, additional segments, and other random bits of bonus stuff, jackass number two is a comedy you will want ta experience again and again. So strap in and prepare yourself for the uncompromising experience that is jackass number two.

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  • Commentary with the Jackass cast
  • The making of Jackass: Number Two
  • Additional segments
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Outtakes
  • Karazy music video
  • Theatrical trailer
  • VMA spots
  • Photo gallery