There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia.

The Jackass Wiki has a few policies of it's own, to help keep the wiki running smoothly


Try to keep personal opinions out of articles. e.g. This stunt was so funny.


Write articles in the past tense (e.g. In the stunt Pontius danced naked in Japan. He was eventually stopped by security).

Citing Images

As we are using the images for non-profit, we can upload freeze frames from shows or films.

We must however cite the source. This means that when uploading the image, be sure to write where it came from. e.g. Still from Jackass 2.5 Extended Edition. if it is a still from an online clip, provide a link to the original clip.

Also remember to state the source as fair use.


To keep the pages clear, do not use the same link more than once in a page. (e.g. only link Bam Margeraonce per page). s


If there is a good quote from a person or a stunt, feel free to put it at the top of the page using the Template:quote. Do not include multiple quotes, this leads to some pages looking like scripts.


When creating pages, make sure to use infoboxes where you can. A list of infoboxes can be found at Category:Infoboxes. Each template has it's own instructions on use.

Naming Jackass Episodes

Jackass episodes are not named, and are simply referred to by number. This means we have to specify which season for page titles. So Episode 3, from Season 2 is named Jackass S2E3.

When linking to these episodes you can disguise it,

[[Jackass S2E3|Episode 3]]

comes out a Episode 3, but still leads to the correct episode and season.