Some infoboxes on this wiki can show ratings other websites have given.

If the infobox has this option, simply check the relevant websites (usually imdb or amazon) and if they have a rating, type the number.

The infoboxes are coded so that typing the number will locate the relevant image for you.

Number Image
0.5 0.5rate
1 1rate
1.5 1.5rate
2 2rate
2.5 2.5rate
3 3rate
3.5 3.5rate
4 4rate
4.5 4.5rate
5 5rate

No ratingEdit

If there is no rating from a certain website leave it blank or type no for one of the websites.

This brings up this picture.


Ratings out of 10Edit

Some websites like IMDB and rate out of 10. The Jackass Wiki ratings are out of 5, so just halve the rating and round to the nearest 0.5

  • 8/10 becomes 4/5
  • 4.5/10 becomes 2/5