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Jess Margera
Birth name Jesse Phillip Margera
Born August 28, 1978
Birthplace West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Aliases Jess-Jess
Occupation Musician, (drummer)
Jackass Career
Roles Supporting Cast
Viva la Bam Career
Roles Cast
CKY Career
Roles Cast

Jesse Phillip Margera (born August 28, 1978) is the drummer in the band CKY, its predecessor Oil and Foreign Objects, Viking Skull, and The Company Band.

Life and career[edit | edit source]

Margera was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He is the older brother of Bam Margera[1] and the son of Phil Margera and April Margera. Jess was an original member of the CKY Crew[2] and starred in the CKY videos. On April 8, 2005 he and his fiancée Kelly, had a baby girl named Ava Elizabeth Margera. Margera and Kelly were married on October 29, 2005 in Pennsylvania. On January 27, 2007 they welcomed another daughter, Scarlett Marie.[3] As of now they have three children, the newest addition to the family being a son, London Phillip Margera.

He is currently working on a side project with James Rota from Fireball Ministry and Neil Fallon from Clutch called The Company Band.[4] On November 8, 2006 he announced on Ask CKY[5] that his studio, Westtown Lake, is open. Jess recorded all the drum tracks on Viking Skull's Chapter 2 album.[6]

Discography[edit | edit source]

With CKY
  • Volume 1 (1999)
  • Volume 2 (1999)
  • Infiltrate•Destroy•Rebuild (2002)
  • An Answer Can Be Found (2005)
  • Carver City (2009)
  • B-Sides & Rarities (2011)
With Foreign Objects
  • The Undiscovered Numbers & Colors (1995)
  • Universal Culture Shock/Undiscovered Numbers & Colors (2003)
With Gnarkill
  • Gnarkill (2003)
  • GnarKill vs. Unkle Matt and the Shitbirdz (2006)
With Unkle Matt & The Shitbirdz
  • Greatest Shitz (2007)
  • Suck My Stimulus Package (2010)
With Viking Skull
  • Chapter Two (2007)
  • Doom, Gloom, Heartache, and Whiskey (2008)
With The Company Band
  • Sign Here, Here and Here (2007)
  • The Company Band (2009)
  • Ride The Bull (2011)
With Daniel Davies
  • Hidden Faces (2011)

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