Paintball Battle
Paintball battle
Bam shoots himself whilst waiting for Phil.
Jackass Stunt
Season Jackass Season 3
Episode Episode 8
Featuring Bam Margera, Phil Margera
Location Phil's work
Video releases Jackass Volume 3,CKY 4
Song I'm on Fire - CKY
Phil, I got shot in the felt like this!

–Bam Margera

Paintball Battle features Bam Margera shooting 20 paintballs at an unsuspecting Phil Margera.


Bam is lying in wait for Phil in the car park at his workplace. While waiting, Bam accidentally shoots himself in the foot, causing a lot of pain. He announces that he's going to take it all out on Phil.

Phil finally arrives and opens the door to his van. Bam immediately sprints across the car park and starts shooting at Phil, who screams and squeals in pain as he desperately tries to shut the van door amidst the onslaught. A few stray shots hit the door and the windshield, spraying paint everywhere. Bam bursts out laughing and goes up to Phil to explain that he had been shot in the foot, and promptly shoots Phil's foot to demonstrate how it feels.[1]


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