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Puppet show
Puppet show.png
Jackass Stunt
Movie Jackass Number Two
Featuring Chris Pontius, Johnny Knoxville
Video releases Jackass Number Two (uncut)

Puppet show is a stunt from Jackass Number Two, featuring Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius. The idea was to confuse a snake into biting Chris' dick. This was the first stunt in Jackass Number Two after the opening sequence.



The crew had to dress up Pontius' dick as a mouse, so the snake would think it was prey. To do this they wrapped it in white cloth, with googly eyes, ears and a nose.

The crew rubbed live mice onto the dressed up dick to give it a more realistic smell. Knoxville also heated up the dick with a hair dryer so the snake could see it.

To complete the puppet show look a set was made. A hole was cut into a wall and a backless aquarium placed against it.

Pontius placed his dick into the aquarium, through the hole, and watched the events fold out from a window in the wall. Johnny Knoxville then controlled the dick with a piece of string.[1]


Once the dick was inserted, the snake immediately showed an interest. Johnny began voicing the 'puppet'. The snake attacked once, missing the mouse. The snakes second strike was successfull, latching onto it's head.

After being bitten for a few seconds, Chris removed his dick from the aquarium and the snake continued to hold on. Once the rest of the crew had all seen it, Chris waggled the snake loose.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • This was the first stunt filmed for Jackass Number Two.
  • Ryan and Bam arrived late to the set, and arrived as the stunt started.
  • Bam Margera recalls being surprised at the extreme nature of the stunt when he entered the room, and immediately realized the movie would be better than the first.[2]


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