San Francisco Snowboarding
San Francisco Snowboarding
Mikey Leblanc grinding the rail.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 2
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Dave England, Mikey Leblanc, Jason "J2" Rasmus
Location San Francisco
Related stunts Land Skiing, Grass Skiing, Seattle Skimboarding, California Bobsledding
Video releases Jackass Volume 2
Song Youth brigade - Did u wanna die


In this stunt Dave England, J2 and Mikey Leblanc (all dressed up in unfashionable winter gear) can first be seen snowboarding off a road without snow. After this they go down stairways and hillflanks on their snowboard. Mikey Leblanc then puts a skateboard under his snowboard, does an ollie, and grinds a rail with his snowboard


  • In the quiz (bonus feature in Jackass Volume 2), question #7 is about this stunt.
  • When Mikey crashes into a hillflank, part of a camera is visible on the right.
  • When J2 slides down a hillflank, part of a sound recording device is visible on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Excerpts from this skit were used in the outro for Jackass volumes 2 and 3