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Self Defence
Self Defence.png
Johnny getting sprayed with pepper spray
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Johnny Knoxville
Related stunts The Cup Test
Video releases Jackass: The Lost Tapes

Self Defense was a stunt originally shot for Big Brother and later re-used in the pilot episode for Jackass.


Test One: Pepper Spray[]

Johnny gets sprayed with the pepper spray wich covers his face. He is in so much pain he falls on his knees and cannot stand up. After a few seconds his assistant brings him a towel and water to rinse his face.

Test Two: Stun Gun[]

Johnny, now holding the American flag, runs forward and gets tased. The stun gun proves it's name worthy for Johnny falls to the ground and is completely stunned for a few seconds.

Test Three: Tazer Gun[]

Johnny (bare-chested and using the American flag to cover his back) is talking to his assistant but gets tased and falls to the floor, his assistant keeps tasing him. His assistant then stops and tells Johnny to tase himself. After this he can be seen removing the taser's pins from his chest.

Test Four: The Bulletproof Vest[]

This segment is only available on one of the Big Brother videos. It was not included in the Jackass pilot or any subsequent re-releases due to its dangerous nature. Knoxville, wearing a bulletproof vest, intended for someone else to shoot him with a handgun from a distance. However, no one at Big Brother wanted to risk wounding or killing him, so Knoxville ended up shooting himself in the chest at point-blank range.

Behind The Scenes[]

Johnny Knoxville came up with this idea way before Jackass. Originally intending to just write an article about the experience, he approached several magazines to see if they wanted to publish it. Jeff Tremaine at Big Brother was the only one willing to print the article, but suggested they film it as well.


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the menu for Jackass: The Lost Tapes.