Sling Shot Pond
Sling shot pond
Ryan about to be launched
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 5
Featuring Bam Margera
Related stunts Idiot Launch, Slingshot Skateboard
Video releases Jackass Volume 1

The Sling Shot Pond (also called the Idiot Launch by Bam) features Ryan Dunn being catapulted into a pond.


The Jackass crew cut a few branches down from surrounding trees in order to rig up the sling shot - a crudely-built chair secured to the trees with massive, thick rubber bands. They test the sling shot and are confident the skit will work.

Ryan Dunn rocks up looking like a fag in skin tight female running clothes. On the first attempt, the chair is too low and catches the ground, slowing it down and stopping it from going airborne. The second attempt is better, with the chair gliding over the grass and Ryan landing feet first in the shallow end of the pond, which stinks of sewage and is filled with disgusting, thick green algae.

On the third attempt, Ryan falls forward and goes a bit further into the pond, but holds onto the chair which prevents his landing from being more catastrophic. On the last attempt, Ryan lets go of the chair halfway across, sending him flying head-first into the pond.[1]


  • An excerpt from this skit was used in the music video for "If you're gonna be dumb...".


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