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The Goldfish
Goldfish steveo.png
Steve-O swallows the fish.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 1
Episode Episode 2
Featuring Steve-O, Sleepy
Related stunts The Worm Trick
Video releases Jackass Volume 1
Come on, baby...you can make it!


The Goldfish features Steve-O swallowing a live goldfish and regurgitating it.


The goldfish belongs to a man named Sleepy, who watches over the skit. The fish is placed in a bottle full of water, which Steve-O quickly drinks. He then picks up a glass bowl and starts trying to vomit the fish back out. His initial attempts to vomit are unsuccessful and he has to drink more water.

Steve-O eventually ends up on his knees with his fingers permanently down his throat. After his fifth time hurling, he begins to vomit water. He finally throws up the fish on his 11th attempt and jumps up in ecstatic victory. Steve-O excitedly shows off the goldfish, who is still alive and well, swimming around in a bowl full of stomach acid and vomit. Like so many other Jackass stunts, Steve-O reveals he's never done anything like that before.[1]


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