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Dave England between vomiting

The Omelette
The Omelette.png
Dave vomiting in the bowl.
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 3
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Dave England
Video releases Jackass Volume 3,
Jackass: The Lost Tapes

The Omelette (also known as The Vomelette) is an infamous skit featuring Chef Dave England using his stomach to mix a traditional Spanish omelette. He performs the skit twice in the TV series, with different results.

The Omelette (1)[]

Dave, decked out in full chef clothes, introduces himself and begins the programme. He picks up a fresh red onion and takes a huge bite out of it. Next is fresh tomato, which he takes a couple of bites of. Thirdly is a mid-sized mushroom. Fourthly, he eats a cold sausage. Fifthly, he takes a bite out of a green pepper. He then takes a couple of bites out of a stick of butter, which almost makes him throw up there and then, but he manages to keep it all down. Dave then drinks some whole milk before eating some cheese.

To finally top off the omelette, Dave breaks three fresh eggs into a bowl and attempts to drink it. He only manages a third of it, before uncontrollably throwing up another third back into the bowl, and spilling the rest down the front of his shirt. He immediately puts the bowl down and begins to vomit into it. To the disgust of everyone involved, Dave begins to stick his fingers down his throat and try to throw up as much as he can. He manages to throw up the eggs as well as a small mixture of ingredients, but quickly dries out.

To increase the size of the omelette, Dave cracks open another egg and drops it into his mouth. He immediately throws it up into the bowl and begins to vomit the rest of the ingredients four more times. Johnny looks absolutely disgusted and can barely watch at this point, but Dave is still well in character as a chef on a cooking programme. He tips the disgusting vomit mixture into a saucepan on a stove and begins to cook it.

After taking the temperature of the omelette and serving it on a plate, Dave happily begins to eat the vomelette with a fork.

The Vomelette (2)[]

In the second attempt, Dave uses the same ingredients, minus butter. However, he consumes no less than 7 raw eggs in an attempt to throw up more, after he initially fails to vomit enough.

Steve-O is then called up as a volunteer to try some of the vomelette. He can barely chew and eat a mouthful before vomiting all over the table.