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  • My occupation is independent retailer
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Naked Dave Censored
Name rreett
Location Somewhere
Jackass Steve-O
CKY Brandon DiCamillo
Movie Jackass 3.5
Stunt High Dive 2, Santa Skateboarding, The Bear Trap

Hello, I'm rreett (no caps). My Name is often abbreviated to rr or ret. As you may have noticed, I am an admin on this wiki and I own a lot of Jackass-related stuff.


You can contact me if you need any help editing or have any questions about the wiki

  • Skype: rreett66
  • Or just leave a message at my talk page...
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This user is a Jackass Wiki Administrator.

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Bam's Unholy Union.
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My Jackass StuffEdit





  • CKY2K (VHS)


  • Post-Apocalyptic Dan (2013) - {Associate Producer}

Some random-ass quotesEdit

"Steve-O, you are my here-O."
"Did you steal this man's penis?" ~Chris Pontius
"You should get a glass stomach. That way you won't have to worry about pulling your head out of your ass!" ~Dave England
"Slim to none." ~Anyone in the Gary Leffew Bullriding School.

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