Wildboyz Complete First Season
Wildboys complete first season low res
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Wildboyz Season 1


October 26, 2004

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Full Frame


Dolby Digital, Stereo

Running time

171 minutes

Age rating 15rating
Bonus Content


Steve-O, Chris Pontius and show creators.

Other features

Making of, deleted scenes, uncensored version.




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This DVD contains all the episodes from the first season of Wildboyz. Although the disclaimer said that some episodes may be slightly different from their original network versions.[1]

Reverse BlurbEdit

From the creators of MTV’s Jackass comes Wildboyz, the groundbreaking adventure show

spearheaded by its two stars of low moral caliber, Chris Pontius and Steve-O. In each Episode, the boys explore the most exotic lands en the planet to encounter native cultures and a variety of dangerous wildlife in an absurd fashion. Whether they’re fertilizing salmon eggs in Alaska, jumping into the waters of South Africa with great white sharks, or levitating alligators in the swamps of Florida, the two scientists discover that once an animal bites you, only then will you truly understand why it is dangerous. Special guest appearances by wildlife expert, Manny Puig, and Hollywood Movie Star, Johnny Knoxville. This 2-disc set includes all 8 episodes, and over one hour of never-before-seen footage. The wilderness just got wilderier.

–Reverse of DVD

Special FeaturesEdit

There are many special features included on this DVD.


  • Steve-O, Chris Pontius and show creators

Other FeaturesEdit

  • Over 1 hour extra footage
  • Making of Wildboyz
  • Wildboyz encyclopedia and bite list
  • Turbonegro music videos
  • Un-bleeped cuss words.
  • Secret Black Mamba compilation.


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