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The Woodchipper
Ryan Dunn getting sprayed with grass
Jackass Stunt
Season Season 3
Episode Episode 1
Featuring Ryan Dunn
Video releases Jackass: The Lost Tapes

The Woodchipper features Ryan Dunn standing in front of an industrial woodchipper while it grinds all manner of objects and spits them out all over him.


Bam Margera and Brandon DiCamillo have a motley collection of food for the woodchipper, including cakes, gallons of milk, fruit, pickles, a box full of cabbages, packs of ground beef and even a whole turkey. There are also two large bales of grass clippings. Ryan puts on a white suit and a face guard and stands on some steps in front of the woodchipper's disposal chute.

Bam starts throwing pineapples and watermelons into the chipper, splattering Ryan with liquified fruit. They quickly move onto large fish and giant melons. Bam throws red paint all over Ryan before throwing some detergent and a gallon of milk into the chipper. All the while, Ryan stands there as solid as a rock, while the head-to-toe coating of disgusting, liquified food on his body continues to grow.

A bag of rotten squid is then thrown into the chipper, which succeeds in knocking Ryan backwards. As he stands back up, Bam runs up and throws a giant birthday cake at him, knocking him off the steps again. A whole, frozen turkey is next, which splatters Ryan so hard that it winds him. He steps off the ladder in pain and stumbles around, bent over. Next, a bale of grass is thrown in, showering Ryan in grass clippings that stick to him, turning him green. More ground beef is thrown in, along with a shoe, before the final bale of grass is used to top it off. A thick cloud of grass is blasted from the chipper, engulfing Ryan.

Ryan is absolutely caked in thick, liquified sludge from head to toe. A chunk of splattered squid falls out of his hair.


Bam: "Oh dude, you smell like hot trash!"